3 Months Before Deadline:

This is the time to present your idea at a departmental Chalk Talk or Research Concepts meeting to obtain feedback on overall concept, need for preliminary data, collaborations etc. 


6 Weeks Before Deadline:

  • Notify your institutional department Pre-Award staff of your intent to submit a proposal.

  • Departmental Pre-Award staff should review program-specific guidelines, begin to assemble required form packages (both internal and external) for submission and begin working with you to draft budget and budget justification. Make sure you communicate with them and that they are clearly aware of what you need from them. If you would like help with planning your budget from someone who can really help you plan more effectively, use my Budget Planning Service!

  • Send The Science Scribe a draft of the Specific Aims for feedback.

    • This first contact with me is critical and will get you in my queue. Once you are on my radar, you have priority. I work on a first-come, first-served basis, so the sooner you contact me, the better. Let me know to which agency and deadline you will be submitting.


5 Weeks Before the Deadline:

If the project involves subawards, your institutional department Pre-Award staff should contact the subaward institution(s) at this time to request required documentation such as:

  • Scope of Work

  • Budget

  • Detailed Budget Justification (The Science Scribe can help you plan your budget and justify it effectively!)

  • Institutional Letter of Intent

  • Any additional information as needed for individual program requirements

4 Weeks Before the Deadline:

  • Send an initial draft of entire proposal to The Science Scribe for feedback. In close contact with you I will work to give your proposal strong impact and make it highly competitive. I do everything with track changes so you can see what I've done and accept/reject the changes as you like. I save all drafts by date/my initials, so your original will never disappear. I am an excellent scientific writer with significant grantsmanship expertise, and can make a profound difference in the effectiveness of your proposal.

  • If I have this much lead time, you can get the most comprehensive service I provide. I will have plenty of time to review and re-review your draft for:

    • overall grantsmanship

    • agency spin

    • effective scientific writing with reviewer-friendly flow and organization

  • Send the Science Scribe a near-final draft of the budget justification. I can assess it within the context of the proposal draft and provide valuable feedback regarding best presentation of costs based on specific agency funding trends. This is critical because I can help prevent serious budget cuts at award time.

2 Weeks Before Deadline:

Send The Science Scribe any auxiliary grant components: 

  • biosketches

  • letters of support/collaboration

  • facilities

  • Abstract

  • Narrative

FAQ. Does my draft need to be "near final" when I give it to you?

A. No! In fact, I actually like rough drafts. I don't even need all the pieces at the same time. My goal is to free up your valuable time. Get a rough draft down then let me work with it.

FAQ. What if I miss the suggested timeline? Will you still work with me if I don't provide anything until say, 1 or 2 weeks before the deadline?A. Yes, I can still work with you. I would love to help you at any time but my available time will be determined by how many grants are already in my queue. At the very least I will be able to provide basic editing and proofreading for grammar, spelling, punctuation, noun-verb agreement, verb tense, and formatting to ensure compliance with the solicitation. Email me and let's discuss it!

Heather Lander, PhD

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