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FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! The sooner you contact me, the better. Successful grants are never written in a rush. Give yourself enough time before the deadline to revise and polish what you've written. My prices include work on as many drafts as you like and time permits. For a good timeline of what to do and when, while working on your proposal, click here.

To get started, you can either contact me so we can discuss your needs, or you can upload a document here (requires site membership -see below) so I can provide an estimate of the cost of editing that document based on the parameters you provide (level of editing desired and any other services needed). You can upload your document here if you are ready for me to get started, but if we have not already agreed upon the job, uploading your document does not obligate you to use my services; it simply gives me the opportunity to provide you with an estimate. I will provide an estimate by email the same day your document is uploaded. If your document is uploaded after 8pm, your estimate will arrive before noon the following day.

Please note: to upload a document you must register with this site. See below for more info on this. Alternatively, you can email me the document as an attachment to

Whether you are ready for me to get started on your document or are simply requesting an Estimate, please include the level of review you would like for the uploaded document:
  • Premium
  • Professional
  • Grantsmanship and Limited Scientific Review
And include any other services you are interested in such as post-submission review or budget planning
There is a place for you to leave me a message when you upload, so please include all relevant information there. If you need to make a change after your upload please email me. I will get back to you as quickly as I can to let you know that I received your upload. Usually this will be within a couple of hours at the most. We can exchange phone numbers if you like so that we can remain in contact more easily throughout the review process.
NOTE: If English is not your first language, and this comes through strongly in your documents, there will be an additional cost of $0.02/ word for manuscripts and $10/page for grants documents.
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