As you develop a budget for your proposed project, many questions may arise. The grants or sponsored programs office within your own institution can help you with this, but if you still have questions or would like a second opinion I can help with questions like:

  • What should be considered a direct cost or indirect cost?

  • What is the fringe benefit rate?

  • What is the graduate student stipend rate?

  • What Facilities and Administrative (F&A) costs rate should you use?

I can also help you plan the budget for your project including decisions regarding personnel effort, allocation for supplies, travel, publications etc.  I can provide insight into what sponsors are looking for regarding budgets, how to decide on modular vs detailed, and what funding agencies other than the NIH are looking for. For example, DOD budgets are very different than NIH budgets and I have the experience to help you with that!

I can also help you justify your budget in the most effective way possible, which will help prevent your budget from getting slashed when your project is funded! Many proposals get funded only to have their budgets cut so much the science can't get done. I can help prevent this!


My budget planning service costs $200 and includes budget planning and justification as described above.


Contact me today so we can discuss your needs! 

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