The Science Scribe is Heather Lander, PhD.

Heather is a research scientist and bibliophile who transitioned to scientific writing to blend her two passions into a rewarding and exciting career. Heather received her PhD from UTMB in Viral Pathogenesis and has over 10 years' experience in combined angiogenesis and infectious disease pathology research. During the devastating Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014 she was retained as a subject matter expert with the Nigerian Ebola Alert initiative, providing support for their teams battling Ebola on the ground.


Heather's scientific writing career began with her own publications and grant proposals. From there she has gained over 10 years' experience in helping university faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and students secure funding and publish manuscripts.

She has experience writing successful proposals from a myriad of funding agencies including federal, state, and private foundations:


In addition, her grant writing experience spans many scientific disciplines at the basic science and translational levels including: virology, host-pathogen interactions, nanomaterials, immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, neuroscience, structural biology, molecular biophysics, pharmacology, toxicology, medicinal chemistry, bioinformatics, computational biology, genomics, addiction, various cancers, allergens, cardiac diseases, vascular diseases, and burn injury.

Heather has made significant contributions to the success of grants scoring better than the 10th percentile. Her considerable scientific expertise and extensive scientific writing experience, combined with her expertise in grantsmanship and agency spin, provide a distinct edge and have proven her to be an integral part of her clients' publishing and funding success. Dr. Lander is also a contributing writer for The Conversation (UK and AU) and Global Biodefense, and the Editor and writer of Pathogen Perspectives – a blog aimed at making critical scientific information about emerging infectious diseases accessible to the general public.

The difference between the right word and the nearly right word is the same as the difference

between lightning and the lightning bug.

~ Mark Twain

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